CrossFit WOD, 7-12-18

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Dynamic Warm Up (No Measure)


-back peddle

-high knees

-butt kicks

-side shuffle


-knee hugs

-quad stretch

-runners lunge

-balance lunge

Skill WOD

Ladder drills (No Measure)

Agility ladder drills


Banded partner sprints (No Measure)

Utilize a resistance band with a partner
4 x 80’/80′ each


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP, 20 minutes

400 M run

40 double unders

4 cart wheels

200 M run w/ plate, 45/25

20 double unders

2 cart wheels

double unders = plate hops, 45/25

Post WOD Stretch

Hip flexor wall stretch

Competitors extra credit

Bottom up front squat (4 x 4 going up)

Start with barbell in rack at the absolute bottom of squat. Squat the barbell from bottom, up to extension then back to the bottom.

Bench Press (5 x 3, going up)

ROM WOD (No Measure)


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